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Originally Posted by David Gladwin View Post
Originally Posted by Zeeb View Post

There are LOTS of radio systems out there today and Weatronic was not successful, nor I suspect will PowerBox be with a price tag like that for an unproven system.
The Weatronics system was, and is, technically superbly successful. It failed commercially because of the premature and tragic death of one of its major investors and the removal of support by his subsequent estate managers who had no interest in rc.

I have been using it since day one, because of its huge capability and technical competence., 4 transmitters inc. a BAT 60 and 15 receivers.

The release of the Weatronics system was as big a breakthrough in RC technology as was the introduction of glass cockpits, INS and IRS and FMCS in airliner cockpits, now the standard.

With the technical quality, marketing expertise and customer support of Powerbox, this radio will be a success for those of us who want the most capable system.

My order is in, and I will do an in depth, and honest, objective, assessment in due course.

If you see me flying it ( as you currently do with 12 X and tx module) on my valuable models it will have my full endorsement.
Wow David, you really, really like to promote the Weatronics systems...

FYI, Weatronics was NEVER commercially successful here in the USA because you could never get them, and if you did manage to somehow do so, you couldn't get support! Oh, and they were too pricey for what you got.

HarryC is right on - they are LATE to the party and since range is not a problem in any of the other systems out there, I doubt that they will ever generate anything other than a nich market - at least not in the US.

Time will tell. Powerbox products are good stuff though...

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