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It's hard for me to ear someone promote Weatronic.
I had a bad experience with the Weatronic BAT60 for which I was one of the first customers and intensive flyer. And I'm not alone. We can't forget that Powerbox decided to drop the Weatronic BAT because it was impossible to rise this transmitter to a high end standard.
I crashed 2 big models (one 40% Nimbus 4 and a 1/6.8 Rafale) due to a quite rare but now established bug of the BAT (It seems that this problem has been solved after a safety update).
I had various serious bugs like large trim shifting and stuck system requiring a hard reset.
And finally, the sticks were scratching, the screen was bad quality and system very slow.
Hope PowerBox is saving the good things from Weatronic (maybe the RF link) and dropping all the fails.
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