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Originally Posted by rhklenke View Post
Wow David, you really, really like to promote the Weatronics systems...

FYI, Weatronics was NEVER commercially successful here in the USA because you could never get them, and if you did manage to somehow do so, you couldn't get support! Oh, and they were too pricey for what you got.

HarryC is right on - they are LATE to the party and since range is not a problem in any of the other systems out there, I doubt that they will ever generate anything other than a nich market - at least not in the US.

Time will tell. Powerbox products are good stuff though...

Sorry, to be frank, you just don't get it!

My enthusiasm for Weatronics was not because I have or had any commercial connection but that I found it such a hugely capable system , even for the most complex applications such as my FC Mig 29, ( one of 12 fully equipped jets in my fleet, 10 of which have Weatronics systems, 2 with JR 28x) with its twin engines, multiple control servos for a fully flapped, TE, and dual LE wing, a hydraulic system plus backup pump. Flying it a couple of weeks ago, 4 perfect flights in a row, it's ready to go this weekend, one of the vey few FC Mig 29s to be completed and successfully flown . It made accurate set up of the flight controls very straightforward. In some aspects it is STILL way ahead of current radios, particularly its telemetrywhich allows me to make a detailed analysis of the inflight performance of the entire system, particularly RF and the dual batteries etc.,

I have been using RC equipment since single channel back in 1964, progressed through Fligh Link, PCS / Kraft, Sprengbrook, and all the top line JRs from Apex to 28x but the Weatronics was the biggest and most impressive advance I have seen.

Weatronics as a company is gone, period.

Having spoken about it to Emmerich Deutsch he told me they, Powerbox, were very impressed by it too, believing it to be the best, enough to buy the assets when Wea folded.

The new Powerbox radio has emerged from that Wea system and I believe they have enhanced the design philosophy further. They have some very capable electronic engineers at Powerbox and I very much look forward to the new radio, which will, its so obvious, be a niche market at that price. I wish it every success.

You are are wrong too, about Weatronics being overpriced, considering what the Gizmo DUAL rx. contained, upto 3 gyros , GPS, plus all regulators it was cheap. Similarly the Micro 12 with three integrated gyros, all fully programmable in a tiny box, was incredible value, and as Oli said the products and support were, and are, there.

Just my opinions, of course, but opinions based on a considerable amount of hands-on experience ( as well as the jets I fly two large sailplanes with Weatronics) with the equipment and not just second or third hand hearsay, or ill founded rumours from individuals who have no such experience.

I have been been asked to resume contributions to the "new" RCJI and when I receive my final production system I will review it in detail for the magazine.

PS, I have a BAT 60 and fly it regularly in a glider, don't like the sticks, the screen is not visible in sunlight,( Powerbox have fixed that) but never discovered any bugs in the software. Not Weatronic's best design, but in many ways still a very powerful tx. Sorry about the loss, but even in the best electronics, avionics, sometimes there are undiscovered bugs, ( until .......) as we know from the fullsize aviation world.

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