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Originally Posted by Looping31 View Post
I would have preferred RCJI choose a more impartial and objective contributor. In my point of view (intensive flyer), Weatronic BAT60 was not technically successful.
Read my post above and previous threads from others concerning BAT60/64 problems.
Please don't be blind...

Far, very far, from blind, it will be VERY objective.

The most objective, and constructive, approach I can consider is to FLY the system in my most complex and expensive jets and sailplanes. I will be doing just that.

Perhaps you should buy a Core and give us YOUR opinions !

I have done one quite a few reviews for RCJI. Almost all of the subjects I have reviewed were purchased by myself because of, after careful consideration, their quality and suitability for purpose. So far as Jeti is concerned, I hold it in very high regard after a demo from Harry C. and after the demise of Weatronic I would have moved to it to compliment my 28x

I have already started to use Jeti Lithium Ions in most of my fleet.

Emmerich is is going to keep me updated on progress so I will report later FACTS, not hearsay or baseless opinions.

Delivery before next Jet. Power.

D .

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