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Originally Posted by David Gladwin View Post
In some aspects it is STILL way ahead of current radios, particularly its telemetrywhich allows me to make a detailed analysis of the inflight performance of the entire system, particularly RF and the dual batteries etc.,
Jeti is also able to do this.

IMO the support for Weatronics was there at the end but it was too late. Weatronics was around before the BAT60 and I (and presumably many others) had already given up on them by the time that came out. Powerbox has a strong brand and excellent support so this shouldn't be an issue; the only question is whether the CORE is enough of a step up over the Jeti for people who have changed radios in the meantime to swap again. I might have swapped my Futaba for Powerbox but I'm currently happy with my Jeti so there is no need for me to change.

I am sure many of those still using Futaba and JR will make the jump as both of those seem to be lagging behind at the moment.
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