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Originally Posted by aspeed View Post
The tapers on the turbo plugs should be the same at 60 degrees. Maybe it is just the tolerances adding up. Nelsons are much different. Mr. Cox likely went to bed, so I will give you Ron Valentine's website. Home Page I don't see anything listed. I guess he is custom. The Merlin plugs are available now, so the conversion ones are not really needed as they were in the past. The Cox ones are available again too, although they are pricey. Merlin sells his own turbo, turbo Glowbee, and Nelson plugs as well as the Cox/Norvel replacements. I believe the 3 head set includes the clamp ring which only fits his inserts.
Its well known in the RC car world that different brands of Turbo plugs have different tapers. Or rather it may be the threaded length is different. Its said if you use, say, an OS Turbo plug in a Novarossi engine that the head deforms to match the plug and a Novarossi plug will then leak. The same has been said about Novarossi plugs in Picco engines. So the common practice is to use plugs of the same manufacturer of engine and glow plug. Its pretty much one of those things where you use one brand of glow plug and stick with it.
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