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Originally Posted by cjbotox View Post
I don't know if you remember me from over on the other thread 'Larger Revolver' trying out the Hobby Eagle gyro (under cjbotox). Somewhere I happened to find reference to your rebuild thread here, and read through it. Very interesting and inspiring to me as I am getting back to kit and scratch building. My Revolver is still flying, albeit changed in appearance and weight. I'm loosing interest in it because I've had to fix more bugs in this plane then all the others put together. One of my flying buddies lives on a small lake and float flying is getting the best of us.

I'll be keeping in touch...


Hi again

It's been a while since I scanned through the other larger revolver thread. I think I'll have go jump back on and give it a read again. I'm sure to remember you once I do
Floats!!!! I envy you! I'd love to try that some time! Be sure to document and start a thread or feel free to upload stuff on here if you like. I really don't mind.
I'd love to get into scratch building some day, No time these days not to mention the materials. I'd try to copy this revolver and make some changes for sure!

I don't blame you for moving on to an other bird.
For me though this is literally the nicest looking one I've ever owned (I'm also partial to my GP dazzler which I recently gave away *quite the looker that one ha*) but I want to move out of glow and do strictly bigger gas planes. It think the biggest I'm going to go is 30cc ....some day ha.
Speaking of the Dazzler, if you're interested you can find the build thread right here (she's really pretty if I do say so my self!)

My very first Kit!

Let me know what you think!

Oh snap! You said gyro! You're the dude who put the gyro on the revolver?!!!
Yes yes I remember that post! haha
I've definitely got to go back and read that thread again!

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