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Dave i was going to make a joke with you and ask if the actors from the seventies? tv show drips,sorry chips,had posted a still on facebook,but i won't ok? how are you doing,still good riding weather over there or is it nearly winter?

Sr you know as well as others it's up to the gummint re purchasing policy but you make a good point which has endless variations depending on which economics adviser the govt believes.Do you think it's worth the bother to run a saito 30 backwards,and can it be done or are the available cams too big for the case? i have a saito 30 but won't be doing that.

Barry back in the early seventies on base most of the guys rode a bike and some raced them,i was stupid enough to swing on a racing sidecar powered by a mach 111 engine.More bruises and pain than playing close quarters paintball guns naked.There's a big white bearded guy i see in all weathers with just shorts,thongs/flipflops/jandals and navy blue singlet riding a maroon coloured ww2 indian.How he rides that home from the pub with advance/retard ign controls,foot clutch,fuel tank mounted gear change lever and wrong side throttle has got me beat

ps we did a pyscho paint job on a zx14 turbo charged kwaka with extended swingarm recently i'll post a pic but be warned,it looks like some drunk has been violently ill on it,customer wants customer gets.
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