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Ok, so here is where I am, I have removed the carb, dis-assembled, cleaned every port out with carb cleaner, the screen was spotless. diaphragm and fuel pump still like new. put it back together, made new gaskets for carb mounting, put back on the engine, does the very same thing. So I went to plan B,,, I have 2 180s, I am putting in a B25. I grabbed the other 180, mounted it up, Put the conversion kit on it, timed it at 30degrees (BTW the timing ring had not moved on the first engine) I got it all hooked up, primed and within a couple flips this engine was running, warmed up, same exact problem. Now I know this is either a carb issue, or perhaps the plug? tested ignition with my tester, its working good. I am stumped, the thing that fools me the most is this was running perfect until a few days ago.
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