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The original plans called for a CG 5" behind the leading edge of the top wing.

Mine has been modified a lot from the original plans. The wingspan is the same, but the top and bottom wing cords are different, the nose is longer, there is no stagger between the wings, the horizontal stab now has a symmetrical airfoil instead of a lifting tail, and more down thrust has been added to the engine. No weight has been added to achieve a good balance.

I used a Vanessa balancer to get the CG close to the 1/3 point on the bottom airfoil as if the plane had no top wing since the stagger is zero. Then I adjusted the CG, by moving things around, to get the plane to do straight flight on an inverted 45 degree up-line. I also made sure the CG was far enough to the rear, and the elevator throw was correct, so the plane would flare on landing without dropping a wing. The static CG remains the same with or without the top wing.
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