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Exclamation Looking for some feedback on linear servos!

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great new year and to start 2018 out i'm looking to get some feedback on linear servos I will be adding to my product line up. These linear servos are made by Actuonix which was named fergelli before they swapped names. I am trying to get some previous user info and or thoughts on to help narrow things due to the many options in torque/stroke. With that in mind I can order anything to fit your particular need but would as you will see there are ton of options, which is a good thing. The first are the PQ12s these are tiny AA battery size linear servos that have three gearing options from 4-11lbs of torque all with the same 20mm stroke. So I figures since the speed is all really close and fast just ordering the 30:1 @4 lbs and 100:1 @11 lbs is the way to go. The would be great for gear doors and canopy locks, Here is a small video to show the three gear ratios:

The next actuators are the L12s, now these have many more options and will be more for gear doors, sliding/opening canopies, speed brakes, wing sweeps(F-14) and some folks have mentioned using them for flaps. These come in three stroke lengths, 30, 50, and 100mm which isn't a lot but you can pick three different gear ratios with each length. Here I figure doing maybe a 50/50 split since some folks will need torque for those big speed brakes, while others need a fast stroke but not much torque on canopies. The higher torque is slower but if you have a shorter stroke servo then it can be about the same as the longer stroke at a faster ratio. So you can see the L12s can easily be a huge amount to meet needs so getting some info for the first start is will be very helpful. Here is a video of the L12s:
These are PNP and have built loads so if something hangs they shut down
I already have orders for PQ12s 30:1 for canopy locks and L12 50mm 100:1 for canopy open/close and L12s 100:1 100mm for speed brakes to help give u guys an idea of what folks are using. So any thoughts or what you like to use will help I have a Facebook page and currently adding the servos to my website
So let me know your thoughts and thanks up front!
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