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Originally Posted by SECRET AGENT View Post
Hey Fender, do you think one of these would work for a Ziroli P-40 sliding canopy mechanism? Do I just need to know how much throw (distance) to move the canopy back and forth first or is there some standard length for those types of things?

Thanks bro.
I know for a fact they will, if you look on flying giants main page you will see an article for these and a bunch of pictures and videos of people who have used them for just that. Seems to be the drug of choice for WWII sliding canopies, same for jets with canopies and speed brakes....I wanted to use them when i first got into jets to get rid of some air but you had to get them directly from Canada since nobody in the US had them.
All I would need is the length in mm of your sliding canopy from open to close.
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