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Originally Posted by rhklenke View Post

I use one of these for the sliding canopy on my scratch-built Panther. Its been in operation since I built the plane 6 or 7 years ago. It an L12 unit and I'm pretty sure its the 100mm 100:1 gear ratio. Its slower, but the real one was slow as well - least a guy's hand or head got smashed!

It works *great* for this application and since it works on a regular PWM signal like a servo, you can adjust the actual throw to the application using your transmitter's ATV just like a servo.

If you've ever seen me fly the Panther, the canopy is slaved to the gear channel, so I take off and land with the canopy open, just as in the full scale. The early jets didn't have an ejection seat, and even the ones that did, it wasn't rated for use at 0 altitude, so they would leave the canopy open during takeoff and landing. That way, if they had an incident like a flame out (not that uncommon back then) and had an off-field landing or ditched, they didn't have to worry about the canopy getting stuck closed and them not being able to get out...

Yeah from what im gathering here and from other places the 100mm 100:1 is about standard fro the sliding cockpits, the 30/50mm lengths people seem to be using as gear doors mainly since they are shaped closer to air cylinders.
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