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Originally Posted by iflyg450 View Post
Built and flown the contender and kouger (and kobra,king kobra) The big flap on the Contender makes for some very fun flying I would say the contender is a good first low wing. The Kouger will fly much faster and way more agile. One thing I have noticed about the kobra, kouger and king kobra is the amazing way they land. No matter how hot and high you come in the plane just won't bounce back into the air, Not sure others out their have noticed that or not. To me the second the wheel touch the ground is like a magnet. I haven't flow any other planes that makes your landing look that good no matter how crappy the approach. To sum it up GO FOR THE KOUGER, Plus as far as I know its made in the US. You'll love it, then build the kobra best flying plane on a .25
I have built and flown two Kobras, both with OS32SX. The no bounce landing is exactly as you stated! I am not sure what makes this airframe have this characteristic, but it is just another one of the things that I love about this plane.
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