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What they said... all good info. Flat flat flat is best. I like the hollow-core doors and ceiling tiles myself. I built off a door for years before I got a better bench set-up. Nice thing about that is you can really put it on just about any sturdy flat table and the door/ceiling-tile acts as a nice topper and base to build.... then move it or put it away when your done. I used one when I lived in apartments years ago. I'd do my work, then just stow the work table in a closet or somewhere out of the way. If you've got a bench already you're ahead of the game.

Old die-cut Great Planes kits are very cool too. Most if not all of them if built per plans are great flying planes. I've got several I've built over the years... and several I've yet to build.

So.. whatchya buildin?..
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