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Originally Posted by rbgetz View Post
Received the kolm mounting hardware. They sent 4 standoffs and a front mount bracket to support the engine. The 4 standoffs will need to be drilled 6 mm so the threaded 6mm bolt will slide through. They were not specifically design for this and had different threads on each end. So, obviously that won't for this setup, without boring them out. . I then drilled ( 5.5 mm) and tapped the four mounting holes on the engine. The 6mm mounting bolt will push through from inside of the firewall and thread into the engine.

The small alu standoffs was designed to work with the rubber-mounts. the 5mm goes to the engine and the 6mm takes the rubber-mount. this is why the have 2 different threads inside.
but . you found a solution for that :-)
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