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Originally Posted by Helijet View Post
Hi Salmonbug

. Engine thrust and reliability remained by the book in each case.

Dean Wichmann
How can you be so sure that the thrust remain the same ?

for an rc turbine the parameter the ecu regulate for a giving throttle stick position is rpm. usualy you are not max egt limited before reaching max nominal rpm.
In the case your air intake is partialy obstructed, your rpm (either he is nominal won't deliver you the same trust
Simply because there is less massic flow trough the engine.

it's late here in belgium and will be happy to explain you that more deeply tomorrow. After having flown for an belgian airline 10 years I returned to school to study more deeply the developement of high emperature gas turbines.
and the fact is that a rc turbine IS a gas turbine.......... So I think I could explain you that easily


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