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Originally Posted by Helijet View Post
By using my old and trusty fish / scale sliding thrust meter at max rpm, I found no noticeable change in thrust from running the engine on a bench or on the
Reaction. I thought at first that the tapered boat tail may create some turbulence or pressure difference effecting the smaller engines.
The RAM 500 was particularly susceptible to venturi effects of poorly designed inlet ducts. I found no such issue with any turbine
placement on the Reaction. The compressor while " partially obstructed " by the starter motor, can still easily acquire it 1.5 X inlet area
for operation - especially in its open air configuration on the Reaction.

Anyway, that has been my experience and I wish you good luck. Its a wonderful design by a very talented engineer!

Dean W.

And I guess you didn't forgot to apply the corrections to be able to compare your results accuratly. I mean you made the correction for the static air temperature, the static pressure and the humidity at the moment of each test.........

as said in the post just above the difference is neglictable, but don't say it doesn't exist........

I really go to bed now
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