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Originally Posted by Woketman View Post
Since the engine still has plenty of cross sectional area to draw from at low R-54 velocities, YES. It is the same as having nothing in front of it. Absolutely, without doubt. Dean is correct.
if I extrapolate what you say, you can have anything in front off an engine, without consequences...........
I explain myself

a boat tail is nothing else than an "object". his shape is optimized to not perturb the airflow entring the engine, but unfortunatly a 100 procent efficency is something that simply doesn't exist., so it perturb the airflow ( very very slightly)
according to what you explained this very small perturbation has NO effect,, this mean that a huge perturbation has also no effect........ ( multply 0 by anything you want, this should remain 0).......

thank you for this interesting demonstration

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