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Originally Posted by SALMONBUG View Post
Midnight here, not sleeping.

I was in my workshop framing the r54 and thinking "why am Icertain to be right and all other people say I am wrong ?"
why members claim the compressor will work just fine either there is a wall in front of it, regardless the true fact (for example) that a tail mounted engine in a real airplane has special protections that will discharge the compressor at high body angle because the fuselage mask air intake and that test made at sabca five years ago with a old jt8d showed engine performances degradation in front of a group of students when the air intake was partialy masked .......
Well the answer is that what I claim is based to the fact I think radial compressor......
and you think centrifugal compressor.
Because rc jet engines are fit with centrifugal compressor, you are right, they can accept a lot.........
I'll sleep better now
Yes, you mean "axial" compressor. Radial and centrifugal are the same.
Sleep well.

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