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Originally Posted by DGrant View Post
Hobby shops are fun stops most of the time also. I've frequented many hobby shops on road trips. Back when my wife traveled for business/work I usually drove her on those trips, and while she was in conferences or meetings I would explore at area hobby shops and flying fields. Many times I'd ask the people in the hobby shop where local fields were at... and I'd always bring home a souvenir from most of the shops. Still do if I go into a new shop I've never been in, I try to find something I can use, it's a way to break the ice, do a little business, and get some info... plus I've brought home some cool RC stuff over the years...

Enjoy your trip Dennis... If you were in California, I might be better equipped to help you.. but I don't know where anything is on the east coast... haha.. I'd be lost without Google..
Hobby shops are great stops but not always reliable as to the number and location of clubs in an area. For instance one hobby shop in Fort Worth would only admit to being aware of 2 clubs in the area. In fact there were 6 or 7 within driving distance. I guess a few of the clubs and the members had issues with this hobby shop so the hobby shop would not direct anyone to any of these clubs.

Modellers are the best resource as to where others fly. Most like yourself will go out of their way to make a visitor welcome. I like that.

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