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Hi Guys,
I've finished building my Ultra Stick 30cc size from Horizon and been flying it now. I came across one issue with the model and that is the landing gear is not long enough for 18" to 20" props. Our Pu'unene flying field usually gets trade winds usually by 9:00 am...and most the time it can get a bit gusty. So I am usually hard on landing gear, but hardly ever break a prop. I have broken four wood props on this model so far and that is getting expensive. Also the foam tires did not last more then a dozen landings...and started to show damage, so I replaced them with DuBro, 5" balloon, air filled tires. I am still dialing in my VVRC twin cylinder 40cc gas engine....but it is also brand new. So needs to fly more to really get all the power will have. I love the model...just making it a bit better. My model came out to weight at 16 lbs ready to fly.
Soft Landings Always,
Bobby of Maui

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