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When determining the order of assembly I took into account what would be in the way for the following gear. I know the canard servo is up in front, and I have the full cockpit kit, so I need to get those figured out before I start mounting stuff that will be in the wrong place.

First thing I did was get the canard servo mounted. Because of the way they mount, an aluminum servo horn is a must. I used some of the provided hardware mixed with some of my own. I made the connection to the servo horn as short as I could. To do it right, the horns on the canards should be longer to help with the leverage. That would make it harder to clear the cockpit though. I added some washers where the canard horns meet up with the mounts. In the end, I think they are stiff enough. I've had experience with Canards before, and they don't have to be super stiff to function properly. If you use only one servo, make sure it's fairly strong. The Savox SA-1256TG servo I used has titanium gears and 277 oz-in at 6V. Be aware that the cockpit needs to run fairly close to the back of the arms on the Canards.

Canard Hardware

I added washers where the horns clamp to the canards
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