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The cockpit kit is quite nice, and even has instructions! (that's a joke). They don't show much, but if you stare at it long enough you figure out what they are doing. My photos should help. I plan on having some air valves under the cockpit, so I want it to be removable. I'll use the magnets they provide, as well as some of my own. Before gluing, do plenty of test fitting. I found the the cockpit fits well with the back edge sitting on the lip where the nose assembly bolts up. I added a balsa block in the front to support it a bit better. I used some angle stock to give a bit more surface to glue with. As usual, when gluing to fiberglass, or anything like it, I use Hysol 9462 (Aeropoxy). I also used magnets to attach the console to the dash, and the dash to the cowl. The cowl (piece under the windshield) will be attached using Velcro. I had to space the console up just a bit to get the right height. Once everything is in place, the pilot and seat drop in last. With it all in I think it will stay put since it's a tight fit
Cockpit tub mounted

Magnet holds console to dash, dash to cowl

Dash panel with magnet and bracing
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