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If it is actually one of the "problem child" first generation modules, there's a tell tale voltage rating of 4.8-6v on the label. That's pretty much a positive ID. If it's rated to 8.4v, that a positive indicator it's NOT one of "those" modules.

There were a lot of us that ran those successfully. I still have one in use, running on straight LiFe voltage. The trick to these is realizing that single step electronic advance curve happens at about 2200 rpm (or so). So if you are trying to drag your plane in on final at about that rpm, it's not hard to see your rpms are going to be wandering around.

There are/were MANY who could not understand that issue (or didn't want to be bothered with it's potential issues) and replaced the module. Many more struggled with the concept of the "high idle hang" issue described above which confused the issue because their problem could be either issue, or both! Gas rookies are/were often confounded by the potential for either condition.

The trick to running that early module successfully is to keep low speed on the rich side, and keep the idle set at something under 2000 rpm. OR, run the low speed on the rich side, and replace the module. Your call.
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