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Agree 100% with ahicks on how one can live with the A-01 #4 ignition. An engine guy can get along with that ignition just fine. But I'm one of those people that would just prefer to replace the ignition with one that has a normal advance cure and not have to worry about the problem.

My friend has an early DLE20 with one of those ignitions in a CUB. It runs very well on one outing but then the next time he brings it out, he gets the idle hang problem and has to tweek a few things to get back to normal again. He isn't a patient engine guy and cusses the thing every time he has problems. I've suggested he buy a different ignition but he's too cheap for that so I guess he'll continue to have problems. I would have replaced the ignition long ago and just enjoyed to airplane / engine w/o the problem child ignition.
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