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Hi Guys,
I've been flying my Ultra Stick now for a dozen flights....and ran into a few issues with the model. I ended up going to United Auto and picked up a spring and installed it between the landing gear, about one third down the landing gear. I pulled the wheels off and I was surprised at the ware and tare on the foam tires finished in the kit. I installed a pair of DuBro air filled, 5" balloon tires. On the second flight after the modifications ( first generation, VVRC 40 cc twin cylinder gas engine) my engine seized up and broke one of the connecting rods. I had oil at a 40 to one mix Royal Purple 2 cycle oil on alcohol free 89 octane gas. I had a we bit of Lucas gas booster in the fuel. I had a good 2+ hours run time on the engine. I pulled the engine and sent it back to VVRC for repairs. I have had the engine for more then two years so I have no idea what it will cost to fix the engine. I have broken a few props because of the low prop clearance....five prop tips were broken or split. That is why I went to the larger wheels and spring. The winds here blow 15 kts. all the time and cross winds are common. So I know why my foam tires ware down like they did....landings are a challenge at times and I'm hard on landing gears.
Soft Landings Always,

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