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Originally Posted by dubd View Post
In the last couple of years, the marketplace was the only reason I came to this site. With the marketplace in such terrible shape, there isn't a reason to use RCU anymore.
When I started with RC about 14 years ago, RCU was THE go to place for anything related to the RC world. Then when it changed hands the first time, they started doing stupid stuff in an attempt to retain their user base and get more "eyes" to brag about to the advertisers. like you couldn't post a link to another website. The moderators in the forums were just turned into a**holes causing more and more of the GS guys to leave and head over to FG. It's been the same way with the airplane section everytime someone else buys the thing and they're going to "increase revenue" by creating more restrictions, rules, dumb ass policies and such that people kept leaving. Now, the only reason to be here on the airplane side is the Jet Forum and the Marketplace where RCU makes money on the upgraded ads. After the forum change over which finally works 'sorta well except the the HUGE increase in pop up ads including those better placed on a pornography based website (how can you guys be THAT crazy?) but that can be handled with various browsers and ad blockers which RCU attempts to prevent you from using.

Does it ever dawn on them that fewer eyeballs on the website mean less money? Do they realize that even if the marketplace was a pain to maintain due to older code that caused the IT guys to actually have to WORK instead of just acting on auto pilot to fix things cost a lot less than the lost revenue from folks not coming here anymore?

I used to buy and sell stuff here on the Market Place but I've not been there since my first encounter with "the new and improved Market Place" and have no intention of going back. FG and RCGroups have much cleaner forums for selling stuff. RCGroups and FG have fledgling Turbine forums which are growing as we speak.

iBobi and company; it's been a long slow death spiral for this website and you are not responsible for all of it, but you're going to be responsible for it going bye bye by continuing to run it as IT geeks and the accounting guys prefer, not the customers who pay for all this stuff by their patronage and fees.

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