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Default Limited normal nose wheel travel wiht max for ground handeling

Getting to near the edge of the pavement after a landing roll out seems to happen with some frequency and the you have to either power through the rough or make the walk of shame.
I am trying a DX18 mix and curve to give max nose wheel with full rudder deflection and still keep the normal takeoff and landing nose movement narrower.
since the nose is mixed to the rudder anyway I set 5 point curve.
I set the inner points for normal and then a flat curve till near max rudder and then max the nose wheel. with some slow on the nose you can go max rudder momentary without much nose past normal. Makes what I call a bat wing curve.
As you try to set the outer end of the flat part of the mix move the control stick until you see "add a point" go off and then move back till it shows again. Apparently the DX18 has a limit on how far out you can set a curve point.
Anyone else using this? If so any bad results?
PS you cannot add any expo that creates a really wild nose movement going back and forth. And slow has almost the same effect of expo.
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