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If you have the correct length of servo arm and steering horn, there should be no problem getting the nose gear to turn as much as the fuse/gear will allow. Then, once you have enough mechanical travel, you can use dual rates to have a Taxi Rate and a Flying Rate on the nose wheel. Of course, when flying, the gear controller has the flying rate of the steering deactivated. Or, ... You can even put that maximum nose wheel rate on a separate switch so that it does not change with your other dual rates you use for flying (e.g. Landing Rates and Flying Rates, etc.). But, ...

I just have dual rates: One for take-off and landings and another for flying. Once I am back on the ground,, I switch over to the flying rate to get a smaller turning radius. At that point, the gear controller has the steering activated. But, again, once I have the mechanics set up right, I don't even need the other rate for turning.

If you are having trouble getting down in the center of the runway, use your spotter to help you gage where you are at. Have the spotter tell you with one word whether you are "short" or "long." Once you get thru that a few times, you begin to get the right perspective and not need the spotter coaching you. When I get on a fairly active flightline, I always have the spotter helping with landing positioning and announcing where the other planes are at, etc. After all, the spotter is not there to just watch you fly a plane around.

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