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Originally Posted by raron455 View Post
I will tell you what works for me in all mine,,,go into the servo speed option, and select the nose steering servo. Add about 1.75-2 to it. What that does is Adds a delay to the steering which drastically reduces the rapid movement causing you to drift and slide and over compensate down the runway , you still retain all of your travel at your set end points so when you taxi and you turn you get full movement it just doesn't happen as quick. This works perfect for me to help hold the centerline while on the ground. My ultra flash used to look like the General Lee swerving all the way across the runway until I started doing this and now I do it on everything I own with a front wheel.
That is an excellent idea! My UF is a bugger to handle on the ground right after landing. I am going to give this a whirl.
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