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Originally Posted by joeflyer View Post
While you're at it you should do a Turbine Enforcer. I had a lot of fun with mine. Here's a thread I started a while back.
Turbine Enforcer

I considered a turbine enforcer something like 15 years ago when I discovered one on rcu. As far remember that one belonged to a asiatic member and I found it extremely cool. ( your is wonderfull also ) and CarsII ducted fan version is also cool. But my enforcer will be fit with a conventional glow power propulsion and a pusher pipe. The only mods I plan is a retract and relocate the flight controls servos.
I already ordered my next turbine powered plane. A znline wizard. and I have to keep the enforcer project "democratic".

that building should go straight and fast, the only concern I have is when I look the long stock nose gear wire. It could do the job with the spring air retract, but i feel it could be a bit weak and bend easy. So I ask myself if I sould order robostruts

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