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Originally Posted by the Wasp View Post
the Condor is a cool looking engine, I love the head, I have always wanted a Webra 80T ! so I almost bought the one in the RCU engine classifieds, but I chose not to because of the "no replacement parts clause" that come's with it,

that 58 is a chubby little thing LOL

BTW, be careful with True Turn, I bought a Shoulder bolt from them and it didn't Spin True,, LOL sorry for the pun, but it fit true

A good observation, thanks for that one

Yes, the Condor was pretty cool in it's day. The LHS ordered it for me when they first came out. The boxy, squarish look fit well with the overall look of the Fokker as well.
Not a real powerhouse but it was a good ,reliable running engine once fitted with the Mag type carb.
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