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That is one thing that irks me to no end. Way too much emphasis on sports and not enough on education. A school I drive by everyday is erecting a new building. Is it for classrooms? Nope, it's an $11,000,000 field house. How many children benefit from sports in that when they graduate from highschool they have skills that can get them a good job? The percentage is so low that essentially it is NONE! If that same amount were spent to build a few classrooms that taught Welding, or construction, there are companies that would be more than happy to donate equipment and materials. One classroom, with 4 sessions per day, 15 students per class, alternating Monday/Wednesday, and Tuesday/Thursday for different classes, with Fridays being a cleanup/restock day, would have 120 students graduating with skills that could essentially leave them with a good paying job for the rest of their lives, but instead they pisss it away on sports.

Irks me to no end, no wonder the US has fallen so far behind.
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