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Default Want to Hack a Frsky backwards to 72Mhz

Hi Guys.
This is a strange endeavour. I run RC Submarines. 2.4G wont penetrate water, 433Mhz kind of does, I use 75 or 72Mhz, I would love 35 or 40Mhz. The lower the better.
But I want a new radio for the future. I want a FrSky Taranis Q X7, open source. I understand it uses a JR Standard Module size. Can I get a JR 72Mhz Synthesised Module, add an antenna and use it in the Frsky?

For a while people were hacking 2.4g modules into 72Mhz radios, I just want to do the reverse, hack a 72Mhz module into a 2.4g radio.

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