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Originally Posted by johnnymax View Post
RF8 came in last week and today is finally got the Spektrum transmitter hooked up and working. I have now successfully crashed over a thousand dollars worth of virtual airplanes, LOL
But it is coming back. The main problem I have to overcome is, back in the 80s I used mode 1 and now I am switching to mode 2, because that is what everyone at the local RC field uses, except for one person.
After flying many of the planes, I think I would like to build a Great Planes Basic Light Trainer Park Flyer. Has anyone cloned it out of dollar tree foam board.
That is the only plane I can fly very easily. I figured that was a sign LOL
I think my next transmitter is going to be a Spektrum. I am being told that they work with more receivers than Futaba (my other target). Glad to hear it arrived and it is functioning. Un-wanted complications is why I purchased the controller (transmitter) with mine. I actually have a suspicion that the simulators are part of the reason for the decline in the industry. In my experience, flying on the sim is VERY similar to flying at a field. The time and expense difference is significant. Going to the field requires: getting ready, loading the vehicle, purchasing gasoline, purchasing model fuel, drive time, social interaction (a good thing for me), getting the plane into the air, cleaning the plane after the flight, re-fueling, packing it in, driving home. Such a big difference from the simulator. On the sim it is flight after flight at the push of a button. No cost and little time involved.

I have learned a LOT about myself using the sim. At this point in time all the rust I had accumulated is gone. If I were to purchase a plane today it would be the Edge 540. It is my favorite on the sim. Two months ago I would have said I am leaning towards a "floater" with some dihedral in the main wing. Today I prefer the larger higher performance models. Even though I prefer the larger models on the sim, in real life I will not allow myself to go the expense of 1/4 scale or larger. I know me and I know I will eventually have a mishap and I am not wanting to incur that level of re-build and expense

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