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Originally Posted by Lee Taylor View Post
(Clip)....The time and expense difference is significant. Going to the field requires: getting ready, loading the vehicle, purchasing gasoline, purchasing model fuel, drive time, social interaction (a good thing for me), getting the plane into the air, cleaning the plane after the flight, re-fueling, packing it in, driving home. Such a big difference from the simulator. On the sim it is flight after flight at the push of a button. No cost and little time involved.... (Clip)
I am on the Simulator only because I want to improve my skills and eventually spend more time flying and "hopefully" less time rebuilding busted up planes. Well, that statement is not entirely true, the simulator is fun too! I plan to start with home built Elecrtified Foamy's, but I plan to eventually get back into building planes that are balsa with skins and nitro engines. One step at a time, not in a hurry, I want to enjoy the journey. One day 1/4 scale and I am keeping my cargo van for that reason
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