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Originally Posted by Lee Taylor View Post
....My aspirations mostly revolve around having fun
I am just on the sim right now, but I am already having fun. I have started actually planing for retirement (right at 10 years from now) and gearing up and learning as much as I can about this hobby is part of it.
Along with getting sim fly hours every evening, I am trying to study up and learn about foam board airplane construction. I am trying to get a handle of what size electric motor, prop size etc. Electric is all new to me.
I have designed my 4th foam board airplane. I may actually build this one. It has a 60" span and I hope it will be light and slow.....
I was trying to figure out what all electric components I need. I may just buy a flight power pack from FlightTest. It has everything matched together. All I need is a batter and a receiver. It saves me all the guess work.
I am looking at this power pack
Small Power Pack
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