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Originally Posted by r ward View Post
joystic, why the changes ( longer nose moment and no stagger) ?. I can see the longer nose moment as an attempt to take some of the "biplane squirreliness" out of the plane, but I see no advantage in removing the stagger. just curios....... I plan to build a Lazy Ace out of coro, too with a couple of my own mods. this thread came along at just the right time and any and all information I can gather will certainly help with my first biplane build. .
The longer nose mod was not to take the squirreliness out, it was to compensate for the weight of the coroplast behind the CG.

The removal of the stagger was for the same reason. The nose can only be made so long, before the flight performance would be affected. In order to keep the stagger, I would have had to add 3 lbs of weight to the nose.

The lifting tail design was also eliminated due to the pitch changes it produced over the wide speed range of the gas powered model vs the narrow speed range of the glow powered and much lighter original model.

If you build a smaller version, or use a smaller engine, the weight of the coroplast will be a problem. I would not recommend reducing the size even if 2 mm coroplast is used. There is a density/sq foot rule to consider.
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