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AH,...ok,..... I call it,... "Build to balance". I try to do it on every plane I build. much better than adding weight. I plan on building at least the 76 inch version. coroplast is a bit heavy ! I have a 70 inch coro kadet trainer that weighs a about a pound more than the same plane in wood, but it flies fine with a .46 in it. when I first built it I have to admit I was concerned about what it weighed. I could have made the nose a little longer , too,.....I did have to add a good chunk of lead to get it to balance. it was my first coro project, so I just built it to plans. if I did it again I would make the nose longer, too. it works as it is,.... it doesn't really do much more than just cruise around, being trainer. still, I fly it often because it's an easy to fly, no pressure, stable flying plane.
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