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I hear what you are saying, and I have sent a message to Adrien, hopefully he will be able to shed some light on it.

That said, he may be able to answer the question IF i was using one of HIS "CH Ignitition Module for 3-cyl engines", but whether that is relevant to the Saito ignition or not, is not known.

Physically, ANY engine will run OK at 28Deg Btdc if the auto-advance intelligence in the firmware is catering for the advancment and timing of the spark, but there is nowhere mentioned how the advance/retard mechanisms work on these ignition modules.
Some say that under 1000rpm they fire on every instance of the magnet passing, as they go over that threshold, the oppposite polarity magnet starts resetting the firing order, and then over another rev threshold they advance to a certain point, maybe 10deg BTDC at 2000-3000rpm, and then over that, they advance to 28Deg BTDC for the rest of the rev range.
Others say that they continue to spark at every revolution (creating a 'waste-spark' when not on compresison stroke) and that only the timing advances. There are others with different theories......but I suppose without the manufacturers chiming in, we dont know.
Anyway, I will continue to ask away.

Just BTW, if you advance the timing too much, you get burnt pistons, and potentially, damaged cylinders (ring any bells?) as a result. Which is why I would prefer to be accurate on this. Having timing retarded too much could mean loss of power, burnt/carboned exhaust valves and loss of power (symptoms I am experiencing). So would like to get this resolved.

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