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I hear you, and understand the concept of 'leave well alone' LOL!

But, and this is the big BUT, if people (Morris, RcXel, CH_Ignition) are all saying you need to time multi-cyl engines differently than singles or twins that fire on the same stroke, then that means that the timing on these engine is OUT. People blowing up their engines is a common things with them, and stepping closer to to finding out WHY, is a good thing. Many suggestions WHY include Hydrolock, Ignition timing, Exhaust stresses, Overheating, bad mettallurgy and a host of other things. Its really unnerving knowing that your expensive engine could disintegrate at any time.....
I am aksing for the people that know (and I have been engaged in a number of discussions with people) to get a flag in the ground as the WHERE the timing needs to be.... and I dont have that yet.
I understand that being 'out' by a few degrees is not going to do any harm really, but if the case is that they are being timed at the wrong point, by anything up to 12Deg in my case, then would go a long way to explain why cylinders are breaking, and in my case, exhaust valves carboned up, lack of power and over heating...

Just curious I supposed. I dont have the luxury of just 'shipping it back'.

Anyway, I also just want to FLY the damned planes, its winter here and FLYING TIME!! LOL!
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