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Good that you know the place, and have flown here. Al-Ain is a great facility and there are some good guys that fly there. I havent flown there myself, but have been out a few times, its a long drive there, so fly at the local place instead. Also got a good runway and decent facilities.

I dont have Ray's details, if you would forward to me in a PM, that would be great.

I have a DLE 30 that gets wrung out a bit, in an Aeroworks Edge540 and that thing barely goes over 125DegC unless its a really hot day, so I know that decent temps are obtainable, but you need correct cooling, mix set right and timing of course....

I just want to be 100% sure that where it is, as stock, is where it is supposed to be. At the moment, Im not sure. Certainly not questioning how it was built, but maybe there is some weight to the argument that timing may be, unintentionally, out.

I have a thread on the 'other' forum where my FG40 had the problem with the sheared locator pin, and that caused me a lot of heartache before I got it sorted. Essentially, its a design flaw...not really a flaw, just susceptible to failure. That might indicate problems like this may exist elsewhere, the timing for instance.

Just by the way, in a discussion with RcXel who apparently build these ignition systems for Saito....they say the same...timing happens when the magnet APPROACHES the sensor, not like a single cyl. In this case, again, I cannot get near that timing, as a result of the physical limitation of the hall sensor location.

Go figure...
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