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It's been awhile but starting on the F-18 again, got my servos in so I can do all that for now. I still need to do the repaint but thats on hold till I get the last color, but I have all the decals and paint mask from Tailormade. Soooooo many decals and extreme detail its almost a shame to put them on this jet.
Im uploading so videos to my youtube and facebook build pages as well. Its a slow project because im extremely busy with work, training for a new career, and a side business that's growing.

only got a couple things done today since I had to make a tool run and I hit another issue. The aileron servo mounts are glued in backwards, this cases the aileron rods to be in line with the hinge. I have to cut the current mount mounts out and add new blocks, that killed it for today so I didnt get far. Cheers

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