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Originally Posted by cathurga View Post
Is it me, or has he got it wrong? If hes moving the magnet further AWAY from TDC (clockwise)then he is ADVANCING the timing, right?
He says that as stock, the timing is too advanced, and then he advances it further.... maybe I need to check my facts but I thought that moving the firing point closer to TDC in the motion of the engine turning it, then you are retarding the timing.
You are correct regarding your statement bringing the firing point closer to TDC is retarding timing.

What he tries to explain in the video is at 30 degree before TDC the magnet should be slightly to the right in regards to the sensor (facing engine). Out of the box at 30 degree before TDC the magnet is already passed the sensor. Slightly to the left.
As the magnet has a fixed position, you have to bring the sensor Counter clockwise.

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