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Originally Posted by FlyerInOKC View Post
An impressive plane to say the least. I'm surprised its not better known. Then again you don't see much attention to the Italian front at all. I think most people only know it from Ernest Hemingway. Granted the Italian front was a disaster and Italy was pretty much ignored at Versailles. No wonder the joined the Axis in WWII.
Sir; I can only surmise that, since Italy had never produced a successful small aircraft, France and England consciously chose to ignore the SVA. The only successful WWI aircraft, to that point, produced in Italy were those from Caproni, and they were all heavy bombers. It could be France and England, heavily invested in production of the Nieuport, Morane-Saulnier, SPAD, Se5, DH and Camel aircraft preferred not to take a chance on an Italian aircraft. That sounds plausible; but since both countries were actually allowed to test the prototypes aircraft, they certainly weren't acting from ignorance. And that's kind of ironic; because the Ansaldo SVA was designed specifically to correct that false impression of Italian aircraft being a bit behind in the development cycle. Thanks; Ernie P.
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