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Originally Posted by FlyerInOKC View Post
Maybe Italy starting out on the Austrian/German side prewar but not joining in in 1914 and then not switching to the British/French side until April 1915 caused some unspoken suspicions with their WWI allies? They were defiantly treated like the proverbial redhead stepchild at Versailles when the Armistice was negotiated. They remind me of powerful vassals in feudal Japan swapping side some times more than once after the battle started.
Sir; perhaps so. Then there's that little thing about Italy not having started a war, and finishing that war, on the same side, in well over 350 years. Of one thing I am sure; when people, or a people, act in a certain way, they generally continue in that direction. It might simply be the allies didn't want to invest too much of their aviation efforts in Italy's hands. Thanks; Ernie P.
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