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here's a big thank's going out to Hobbsy and Captain Crunch, and Gary, as I said before there are a lot of nice people in RCU's Saito Club !!!!

and now it was a joint effort from Hoobsy and Captian that got me a 4th Saito that I had no expectancy or knowledge of until Dave PM'ed me and told me he was going to send me a rebuilt Saito 82. so now I have 4 Saitos,,

1) Saito 1.15, never started, bough it from Gary,
2) Saito 100, never stated,
3) Saito 100 Twin, low time, got from Dave in a trade,
4) Saito 82, rebuilt, got from Dave and Captain Crunch

I have planes for 1, 2, and 3, and they should fly next year, maybe I will buy the SIG's Mid Star 40 kit for the 82, that would be my first kit build..

but don't forget I still have the K&B 100 and HP 61 Ri Gold Cup both NIB, and my OS 70SZ will be going in my old beat up GP ShoeString..

to add I found a NIB GP Shoe String for sale on RG Groups and it's close enough whereby I can drive to pick it up, but the guy wants $400 for it and he will not come down, crazy, he said it's worth it because it's a discontinued ARF, well with that thinking I DO have a discontinued Pacific Aromodels 82" span ARF GeeBee Y NIB that I paid $430 for so it must be worth $800 today, but I don't think so..

thank you Dave, Captain and Gary, you guys have been very nice to me

Saito, it's an engine that makes friends

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