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Have now checked timing on my new engine.
First i used the instructions from ch ignitions to check radial engine ( when green light come on)
Timing cyl 1 45,5. Cyl 2. 51. Cyl 3. 39,5.

Connected ignition system and checked spark , did found spark is at same time as green light is going
off on timing checker. Timing is Cyl 1 20. Cyl 2. 26,6. Cyl 3. 14,5.
I think with this ignition Box and using timing checker timing is when green light goes off.
Due to connecting Rod design Tdc is not symetrical 120+120+120=360 .
Found it cylinder 1-3 126. Cylinder 1-2 126. Cylinder 2-3 108.
If no program in ignition box engine is not going to have same timing on each cylinder.
Have checked piston and it is the new design piston.

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