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I have been in some mutual discussion with Morris at Morris mini motors, and have watched his most recent videos on this engine, and it seems he is also experiencing odd timing. He double checked with RCxel and they state that the timing is taken from when the magnet approaches hall sensor.....this has been repeated to me a number of times, the same with Adrien at CH-Ignitions.

Here's a little video I made earlier today. Apologies for the bad quality and the excessive 'beeping'...

In my opinion, someone, either at Saito or RcXel needs to come up with the RIGHT way of timing these things, with a reasonable explanation.

There are 3 ways to fix this, if I am right.
  • Drill new holes in the crankcase to mount the hall sensor - Undesirable, requires major engine time, including gasket sets as they DO NOT come off the cylinders, also requires machining.
  • Create a new prop hub with timing locations changed - If they admitted it was a problem, and sent me a new one, I would be happy
  • Make a hall sensor mount that will put the sensor in the right place relative.... probably the easiest way of doing this.
This is only possible if someone agrees that the timing is out, and in my VERY HUMBLE opinion, I think its wrong as is.

Heres the vid..

BTW, TDC is where it is, I pulled the prop hub, and did the normal way of checking for TRUE TDC...its where it is....

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